How Important Are the Box Dimensions – Methods of Measuring the Packaging Box Size

box dimensions

The brands emphasize the packaging box dimensions because it plays a critical role in influencing the target audience’s mindset and helping them develop an interest in the packaging. How accurately a brand packs its items says a lot about its worth and standing in the market. The size plays a great deal in keeping the enclosed things protected and ensures that they don’t get damaged during the shipping.


Any brand’s target audience prefers packaging boxes that keep the enclosed commodities properly. If the packaging box is sized correctly, product damage is less likely. The brand’s reputation is also strongly linked with box-sizing. Consumers are more likely to post a bad review or return a product if the packaging is inappropriate and doesn’t fittingly hold the item.


How to Measure a Box


The box measurement also plays a pivotal part in determining the shipping and storage costs. Therefore, you can adjust the cost of production and keep it minimal by gauging the box size dimensions. The product should be aptly placed inside because the more it moves inside, the more are the chances of it getting broken.


Although some may think that setting the standard box dimensions is no big deal, we can easily measure just like other everyday goods. But it’s not the case with packaging boxes, and we need to have some technical know-how and use ways to dive deep and measure the shipping box sizes.


The measurements process involves checking the following aspects of the packaging box:


  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth


The square size boxes should ideally be equal from all four sides, but it’s not the case every time. There can be some variations in the size. If the packaging box is taller, we pay special attention to the depth. 


Following are the steps that can help you understand how to read the dimensions of a box:


  • Use a measuring tape or ruler to gauge the packaging box’s length, width, and depth.
  • Go for the length in the first phase and measure from one end of the box to the other. Place the ruler on the longest side. 
  • Proceed to the measurement of width. It will always be shorter than the length but have a similar flap.
  • Measure the box depth, and there would be no flaps in this measurement. Take the length from top to bottom. 
  • Now that you have measured all the essential dimensions, calculate the volume to better manage the shipping and distribution processes. Multiply the three values of measurements to achieve the volume of the packaging box. It can give you an idea of working out the shipping costs and the packaging box dynamics.


Length x Width x Depth = Volume


Packaging Republic offers a free design service that comes with unlimited revisions. You can significantly reduce packaging costs by seeking help from industry experts. Their valuable input can help you get the correct shipping box sizes.


Shipping Box Dimensions


The typical box is 17 x 12 ⅜ x 12 ⅜ in size. Because it was meant to hold heavy objects like books, music albums, CDs, handling equipment, and more, it’s also known as “the book box.” It’s the most frequent size available at shipping facilities, and it’s usually the cheapest in terms of size, volume, and cost.


However, just because it’s a regular size box doesn’t imply it’ll fit your product perfectly and fulfill the business requirements. When you ship things in an incorrectly sized container, you risk your delivery being damaged or not being delivered at all. You can also save business expenses related to shipping by ensuring your box is a tight fit for your precious commodities. The exact box dimensions can offer great assistance during shipping by alleviating the product displacement risks.


Why Picking the Right Box Dimensions Are Important For Business


The things you’re packaging are the most critical aspect in determining the box size you’ll need. First and foremost, you’ll need a box that’s the right size for your stuff. You should be aware of the size of your merchandise. You can do it by accurately measuring the length, width and depth to ensure that there’s perfection in the packaging box size. 


You’ll also have to figure out a way to put your goods inside a box in the most effective way possible. If you sell a commodity such as curtains, adjusting them inside the packaging box is a real challenge because of their increased length. It won’t be possible to get an encasing of that size. Therefore, you can roll such items and pack them inside in a neat manner.


Brand reputation relies heavily on the box size. Adopt various practices to create a smooth experience for the end-users. Torn packaging, which misfits with the product, can tarnish the business reputation. Discuss the box dimensions and product type with the packaging companies to get the tailor-made custom boxes.


Impact of Packaging Fill on Box Measurements


The retail manufacturers need packaging boxes with fills that can cushion the products and offer support. Improper placement of different materials such as inserts or fills can create unnecessary room leaving the packed item in disarray. 


Poor presentation can draw criticism from the customers and create an unpleasant unboxing experience. We have listed down some ways to fill the space inside the packaging box, offer direct support to the product, and enhance the packaging box’s protection level.


  • Custom Inserts


The custom inserts are trendy, especially among beauty brands, as they offer enhanced protection and add a classy touch to the product. These inserts come in different sizes, and you can customize their color to produce a stunning final look. Determining the product size is also essential as you can select the inserts that fit suitably inside the box. You can communicate with the expert designers at the Packaging Republic to get the custom inserts that improve the display.


  • Packaging Paper


The packaging paper is the most commonly used material to fill the void inside the packaging, which assists greatly in the shipping process. During the transit step, it keeps the product safe and offers supreme protection. In addition, you can add recyclable kraft paper inside to promote the concept of environmental conservation.


  • Bubble Wrapping


Bubble wrap is also a popular material used to fill the packaging gaps. Although it’s not easy to store and consumes a lot of space, the brands can use them to repel any damage effects. Some businesses also avoid using it because it’s not beneficial to environmental protection.


  • Corrugated Paper


The corrugated paper is a premium packaging material that fills the voids and adds more grace and uniqueness to the display. This paper material doesn’t impact the overall box-sizing and dimensions. Businesses can add these to enrich the presentation and give a luxurious feel to the customers.


You can select any materials mentioned above depending on the business need. Still, the primary motive should be to use eco-friendly packaging and use it to benefit your business. The end goal should be to use the best possible materials to enhance the user experience and make the packaging box more appealing.


How to Make a Big Box Smaller


The packaging box space can sometimes be a nuisance and spoil the user experience. So, you can shorten the cardboard packaging box by following specific steps:


  • Utilize a pen or marker, decide how much you want to shorten the packaging box. Flatten it and apply the marks.
  • Create a crease on the packaging material with the help of scissors. 
  • Cut the packaging box edges and use the process on the left and right-hand sides of the edges.
  • Fold up the box and cut it in the middle of the pack. Fold the bottom flaps and ensure that it’s appropriately taped.


The packaging box holds critical importance in delivering the products to the customers and gaining their trust and loyalty. As a result, businesses can directly benefit and earn a good reputation by focusing on the exact dimensions of packaging boxes.



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