Facts Highlighting the Worth of Custom Printed Boxes for Retail Businesses

custom printed boxes

Manufacturing a product is a challenging task but presenting it to the customers is more arduous. You can benefit your business directly by focusing on the final display and making the commodity as tempting and enticing as you can. It will also boost your business to attract more customers to the brand. 


Brands pack the items in packaging boxes and acquire the services of packaging and printing enterprises. The use of custom printed boxes is widespread, and the manufacturing companies get the packaging boxes of their choice and get them printed with the relevant information.


It creates a more personalized association for the customers as they feel more valued and start believing in your company to get the desired product that can fulfill their requirements.


Besides the presentation, the custom packaging boxes also offer protection to the product and give it a secure cover that helps a great deal in the shipping. Packaging Republic manufactures top-quality custom packaging boxes to ensure that the valuable items remain safe and are safely delivered to the customers.



Why Should Businesses Use Custom Shipping Boxes With Logo


Small businesses must invest in branding and marketing to build their reputation in the industry. But, on the other hand, influential and well-known companies cannot afford to ignore it. Custom boxes with your logo are cost-effective to help the retail business grow and expand.


People become familiar with your brand through the product packaging. Other marketing methods are expensive, but marketing using personalized boxes is a low-cost approach to establishing your brand.


Following are some points that highlight the significance of custom printed boxes that come with the brand logo:


  • One of the most productive ways to make your brand unique is a well-designed logo. Images and visuals are more likely to be remembered than text by most individuals. It implies they’ll think of your logo before thinking of your company name.
  • It’s essential to apply the brand logo on the packaging boxes and convey the right message to the audience. The logo placement also facilitates the public to recognize the product from a distance.
  • People will remember boxes with your logo for a more extended period if they see it on the packaging box. The users frequently save packing boxes and reuse them as storage containers. People will see your brand when they take items from storage. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed; the logo leaves an indelible mark on the minds of consumers. This brand recall process elevates its stature and helps it appear prominent.
  • You can make the logo on the packaging box more attractive by using the embossing/debossing option. Businesses can ask the printing experts to make the logo protrude and create a raised feel that diverts all the attention to the logo.
  • Brands that display additional information on the boxes give more value to the users and offer them a chance to explore the product profoundly and give their feedback. Another common practice is to add the contact details, list of ingredients to provide the potential buyers with a better idea of the product and its usage.
  • The custom boxes come with a variety of options. If you sell a bakery item or chocolate, you can segment them properly to avoid damage. The eatables and beauty boxes also have a PVC window previewing the packed items. To embellish the look, you can ask the printing company to apply the finishing options like Spot UV, Matte, or Gloss lamination.


How Much Do Boxes Cost


The significant aspect about the custom printed boxes is that they cost less, and you can get an ample quantity of boxes by paying less from your pocket. Many factors come into play and eventually determine the cost per box. The packages come in different shapes, sizes, cardstocks, and the purpose they fulfill.


Depending on what box type you want, the actual cost is determined. The product you want to pack also has its say in the packaging price. So let’s suppose your brand deals with selling luxury commodities; the customer’s expectations would be sky-high in that case. They would want the packaging box to be premium to reflect the premium feel. Adding an ordinary product in the high-end corrugated boxes won’t suit your business needs, and it would be a complete misfit.


  • Size


The packaging size is also an essential factor in assessing the final cost. Ensure that the box size is appropriate and aligned with the product size. An encasing that’s too spacious can hurt your business prospects and waste precious resources.


  • Branding


Some brands want large size logos and more prominent images on the boxes. At the same time, the others like a smaller logo or labels imprinted on the boxes. In both cases, the cost will vary. Application of branding elements on the encasing can help your brand stand out and enhance brand prominence. 


  • Printing


The printing type you want for your packaging box also has a direct role in the packaging box’s cost. You can go for offset printing in which the aluminum plates are used to transfer the image on a blanket that rolls it onto the object’s surface. Whereas, in the case of digital printing, laser printers are used that contain liquid ink. You can consider the flexographic printing option for larger orders to print directly on the box via a stamp. 


Getting Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Boxes


We live in an era where pollution is damaging our nature and environment. There have been many hues and cries over environmental protection, and businesses in the retail and corporate sector are coming forward with unique strategies. The ultimate goal is to adopt pro-environment policies and portray a positive image. The packaging boxes can also be made eco-friendly, and the practice is not expensive at all. Get eco-friendly packaging boxes from the Packaging Republic with no setup cost and free die-making.



You can go for the kraft custom printed boxes as the material is more sustainable. It can be reused and doesn’t impact our environment. Being an eco-friendly firm can also help a business in branding and taking the driving seat in the market. Companies display the recyclable logo on the packaging box and educate people about the reusability of the box. 


We can benefit from using eco-friendly packaging boxes for our business through various ways listed below:


  • The most significant benefit of using environmentally friendly packaging is saving and preserving our environment. It decreases pollution on the planet, ensuring that it remains clean.
  • Biodegradable material is used in the packaging box that you can recycle. It considerably reduces the strain of using raw resources and their dependency.
  • The manufacturers can improve their image and earn a positive reputation. People will buy from the brand knowing that it’s taking measures for environmental conservation. 
  • Appropriate size kraft packaging means you don’t need any fillers for the voids. Reduced usage of cardboard paper also minimizes the carbon footprint.


How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture a Cardboard Box


The cost of packing varies depending on the kind of packaging. Some packing is typically more pricey than others. Each kind of packaging has its own set of factors influencing the overall price. Labor, type of materials, tools, setup fees, graphic designing, freight charges, storage fees, and, of course, volume are all factors that contribute to the packing unit cost. 


The folding cartons are the least expensive of all the packaging boxes. In comparison, the corrugated and rigid boxes are costly. Ideally, the suitable price for a folding carton is below $1. 


The rates vary for each packaging company. So, there’s a need to do proper research and talk with the support representatives after measuring the exact dimensions for the packaging boxes. You can benefit from getting a cost-effective packaging solution for your business needs.


Where to Buy Custom Made Boxes


Are you in need of custom printed boxes for your worthy products? Packaging Republic is the right platform to get custom boxes and use them to benefit the business. We are one of the well-renowned custom packaging providers in the USA with a track record of delivering quality and perfection. Over time, we have evolved and now continue to grow and accomplish new heights.


The staff that works for us is highly professional and has years of experience working with clients from diverse industries. They have the potential to understand the market dynamics better than anyone else. 


Our design team crafts the best visualizations for you to impress the target audience and create a great first impression. Their bespoke advice can help you steer the retail business forward. There are no charges for design support service, and you can ask for revisions as long as you are satisfied. 


Affordable boxes can keep the expenditures to a minimum level. Therefore, the price range for all the custom packaging boxes we offer is competitive, and you can buy them at affordable rates. You can also explore the option of wholesale and get bulk packaging boxes at discounted prices.