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Order high-quality custom boxes from us and multiply the worth of your company. With years of experience, Legacy Printing is one of the most reputable and well-known custom packaging companies in the United States.

We understand that packaging is a need for all businesses. Manufacturing products isn’t enough. When the competition is fierce, selling it on the market can be difficult. As a result, personalized boxes play an important part in making the product display stand out. We create packages with unique designs to help you catch the market and impact potential consumers’ thinking.

Getting people to talk about your business is a difficult task that can only be accomplished with creative product packaging. The way you package and show things to end consumers says a lot about the value of your brand. Custom boxes can also be an effective marketing tool for your company, allowing you to engage with potential customers. As a result, it’s critical that your product boxes stand out. You can consult our packaging specialists for advice on how the packaging should be designed. They will lead you in the right direction.

Attractive, Accurate and

Engaging and Spectacular Custom Box Designs

You can place wholesale orders for personalized boxes from us and receive them in large quantities. Meeting increased product demand is one of the major issues in the retail industry. People purchase products for their own usage on a regular basis. As a result, retail producers must purchase significant amounts of customized boxes. Placing orders on a regular basis is a time-consuming and stressful activity. Legacy Printing offers a wholesale buying option, so you may get the boxes all at once rather than waiting until the stock runs out.

On the wholesale facility, we provide exclusive savings and incentives, and you can also try out a package sample before placing a major order. Our shipping method is smooth, and we’ve eliminated all of the roadblocks that cause delays over time. We have a skilled supply and distribution team working for us. The turnaround time is excellent, and we go right to work as soon as a customer places an order. So it makes no difference how big the shipment is. We ensure that you obtain personalized boxes in a timely manner for your retail venture.

If you want us to deliver your order anywhere in the United States, there are no shipping costs. The shipping timescale is likewise short, with the packaging box arriving at your home in 10 to 12 working days. We also have an expedited delivery system at Legacy Printing, which allows us to ship the packaging boxes within a week.

Salient Features

Stand Out from the Norm

Custom Die Cut

Wholesale Custom Boxes

You can place wholesale orders for custom boxes and get them in bulk from us. One of the significant challenges in the retail industry is to meet the higher product demand. People regularly buy items for their consumption. Therefore, the retail manufacturers must acquire personalized boxes in large quantities. Placing orders repeatedly is time-consuming and also a hectic practice. The Legacy Printing offers a wholesale purchase option to obtain the boxes in one go instead of placing the order whenever the stock depletes.

We offer special discounts and offers on the wholesale facility, and you can also check out the packaging sample first before placing a large order. Our delivery process is seamless, and over a period, we have removed all the hurdles that cause any delay. The supply and distribution team working for us is competent. The turnaround time is exemplary, and as soon as customers place an order, we get down to business. It doesn’t matter whatever the shipment size is. We make sure you receive custom boxes for your retail venture on time.

There are no shipping charges if you want us to deliver the order anywhere in the USA. The delivery timeframe is also fast, and it only takes 10 to 12 working days for us to deliver the packaging box to your doorstep. The Legacy Printing also has an expeditious delivery procedure through which we can ship the packaging boxes within a week.


Environment-Friendly Custom Packaging Boxes

All of the packaging boxes we make are made from high-quality raw materials. The QA team inspects the quality of the materials and cardstock before beginning the production process. At the assembly line, our team additionally inspects the packaging boxes. Our clients receive only beautiful personalized packaging from us. All of the materials we use to make packaging boxes are environmentally friendly.

You can also use kraft materials, which are both environmentally beneficial and reusable. Sustainable packaging decreases reliance on natural resources and has no negative consequences on the environment, allowing businesses to fulfill their target audience. As a result, companies can excel and make a strong impression on their target audiences. People who buy things will feel more valued if they know the company they are buying from is concerned about environmental preservation.

They can go the extra mile and include a recyclable logo on the boxes this way. You may style the custom boxes around the environment conservation theme and get the admiration of potential buyers thanks to the customization options.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do We Provide The Right Size Packaging Boxes

    We place a high value on product fit. As a result, when designing a box for your product, we always ask for its exact dimensions. Then we send you a sample box that you can use to test the product’s fit. Once you’re certain that the product fits perfectly in the box, we’ll begin the mass production process.

    Can Much Printing Can We Add To A Packaging Box?

    Legacy Printing provides our customers with the option of going with something as simple as a simple logo or an entirely printed box with layers of colors and graphics printed on it. Depending on your product packaging requirements, you can choose to print a specific area or the entire box.

    What Type Of Custom Packaging Should You Use?

    The type of custom packaging is entirely dependent on the nature of your product as well as your budget. If you sell luxury items, for example, you must use high-end materials and a multilayered packaging design. Luxury product packaging will also be more expensive. Simpler packaging for everyday products, on the other hand, can use common materials and thus is less expensive.

    In What Condition Is Packaging Delivered?

    Boxes arrive folded to your location, and our team will show you how to assemble them before you begin packaging your products in them.

    Does It Take Long To Package Folded Boxes?

    The time it takes to unfold boxes is determined by the box’s design. On the other hand, a box can be assembled in just a few steps.

    Do We Have Boxes In Stock?

    We design custom boxes based on the dimensions and specifications of the product. As a result, we do not stock pre-made packaging because each product is unique.

    Are There Limits To Color Choice For Boxes?

    We can make any color for your packaging box, including unique raised printing in gold or silver. As a result, there are no restrictions on the colors you can use when customizing your product boxes.

    Is There A Minimum Quantity Of Boxes That We Can Order?

    No, there is no minimum order quantity, and you can order as few or as many boxes as you want.