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What Is Varnish – A Complete Guide to the Different Types and Uses in Packaging

what is varnish

The application of various finishing options can improve the display of objects and make them more appealing. Usually, the experts apply some coating on the surface of different items to glorify their appearance and entice potential customers. The additional coating layer offers more security besides improving the product’s appearance. Varnish is one of the most […]

Worth of CMYK Color – Comparison with RGB Color Mode and Applicability

cmyk color

The printing of designs, logos and labels is a complex phenomenon requiring experts to use color variations to produce the desired outcome. With advancements in technology and IT solutions, printing has also evolved, and now digital printing is gaining ascendancy. As a result, the professionals play with the colors and make slight adjustments to imprint […]

Detailed Guide on the Creative and Innovative Ideas for Box Design

box design

Products are packed inside the packaging boxes and sold in the market. Customers who rush to the store or browse products online look for brands that focus on presentation. The use of custom packaging is widespread in the retail industry. It helps the manufacturing companies do variations in the display and box design to garner the attention […]

How Important Are the Box Dimensions – Methods of Measuring the Packaging Box Size

box dimensions

The brands emphasize the packaging box dimensions because it plays a critical role in influencing the target audience’s mindset and helping them develop an interest in the packaging. How accurately a brand packs its items says a lot about its worth and standing in the market. The size plays a great deal in keeping the enclosed things […]